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Are At-Home Chemical Peels Dangerous?

When it comes to your skin, the word "peel" may harken back to the day you got too much sun and your skin started peeling from a sunburn. Definitely not a good thing, right? Right. That's because any visible peeling is a sign of actual skin damage. You never want to see your skin peel. But chemical peels - ones that are properly formulated to provide results without any visible... Read more >

Glycolic Versus Enzyme Face Peel: Which One Is Better?

There's a whole world of exfoliation out there, and it isn't just limited to scrubbing away at your skin. Instead, there are other exfoliants that can be applied to the skin to encourage cell turnover and removal of dead skin cells. Today's post focuses on two different chemical face peels: ones containing glycolic acid, and enzyme peels, which are sometimes called fruit or natural peels. Glycolic at a Glance Glycolic... Read more >

Announcing The Progressive Peel

You may have heard Dr. Schultz say it before, or read it on the cover of his book, but when it comes to aging, it's not just about wrinkles. Wrinkles make up five percent of your face while the other 95% is plagued with color and texture issues, such as dull, rough skin, enlarged pores, and dark spots. These are the problems that truly make you look older. The System... Read more >

Dermaplaning: An Inexpensive Way to Exfoliate

Dermaplaning Dermaplaning is a procedure performed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. They use a scalpel held at a medium angle to your face to gently scrape away the top layer of dead skin cells: exfoliation! The bonus of this treatment is that it also removes any facial hair or peach fuzz that you may have on your face. Remember when we discussed why men might appear to have better... Read more >

The Power of Glycolic - As seen on ABC 7

Read more >

The Top 10 Reasons to Exfoliate

The Episode The Products The numerous benefits of glycolic acid are the reason that our exfoliating products are the cornerstone of BeautyRx. Read more >

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