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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Three New Ways to Refresh Your Skincare Routine

Three New Ways to Refresh Your Skincare Routine

With those last dog days of summer behind you and a new season starting up again, you may be craving a fresh start. And the start of a new season is the perfect time to take a look at your skincare routine and give it a reboot. You have probably already changed the vehicle of your skincare. For instance, you may have changed from a stripping cleanser for sweaty summer skin to a gentle cleanser more in line with your skin's needs in the fall. But beyond these obvious changes, here are three new ways to refresh your skincare routine and make sure you’re getting the most out of it as you start a new season:

1. Add a Toner to Your Routine

Despite the alternating chaos and laziness of the summer, you may still be in the practice of cleansing twice a day (we hope so!). But if you’re not toning your skin after you cleanse, now is the perfect time to start. A toner removes those last bits of dirt, oil, and debris from your skin. As good as your cleanser is for cleaning your skin, swiping a toner across your face is the final step in removing whatever it missed. Toner can even get remnants of cleanser off your face. And why is that important? Because, as Dr. Schultz teaches us, getting to the freshest, cleanest skin will ensure your products work the best they possibly can each time you use them.

2. Make Daily Exfoliation a Priority

If the summer found you less than consistent in your exfoliation routine, it’s time to get back on track. As you’ve heard Dr. Schultz say many times, older-looking skin is not just about wrinkles. Wrinkles account for part of what makes your skin look older, but the majority has to do with the discoloration, dullness, and dryness of your skin. Dr. Schultz explains, “Among many important benefits your exfoliant provides for your skin, daily exfoliation helps improve the color and texture of your skin.” Think of it this way: adding your exfoliants back into your routine once a day, every day, will keep the appearance of skin-aging away!

3. You May Not Need a Moisturizer

The sun in the summer months can dry out your skin just as much as the cold wind of the winter months. So you may have found yourself applying extra moisturizer at night to retain your soft, hydrated skin. But now that the temperatures are cooling down, you may or may not need the moisturizer. Dr. Schultz explains, “Moisturizer isn’t like cleanser which you need to use every day. With moisturizer, if you’re not having the experience of dry skin, then there is no reason to use it.”

No matter what your summer routine (or lack of one) was, now is the perfect time to get your skin back on track with a few simple fixes. Adding in a toner so your face is the freshest it can be, consistently sticking with your daily exfoliation, and deciding whether or not you need a moisturizer are all easy ways to refresh your skin and routine. And as Dr. Schultz always reminds us, the best skin care routine is the one you’ll actually stick to. So find a routine you love, and fall back in love with your skin this fall.

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