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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Announcing The Progressive Peel

Announcing The Progressive Peel

You may have heard Dr. Schultz say it before, or read it on the cover of his book, but when it comes to aging, it's not just about wrinkles. Wrinkles make up five percent of your face while the other 95% is plagued with color and texture issues, such as dull, rough skin, enlarged pores, and dark spots. These are the problems that truly make you look older.

The System
Through many years of patient trials, Dr. Schultz determined that glycolic exfoliation was the key to younger, healthier-looking skin. Patients come in everyday for his unique, no-downtime glycolic peel, of which he has performed over 45,000. However, he has finally developed a revolutionary way to get the same results at home: The Progressive Peel. This six-week system delivers Dr. Schultz's glycolic formula in increasing concentrations. The different, overlapping vehicles allow for the skin to accept nightly exfoliation without irritation.

The Results
In just a few weeks you'll see smoother, younger looking skin. Unexfoliated skin has mounds of dead skin cells that scatter the light, making your skin look dull. After using the Progressive Peel, your face will be smooth and light reflective, giving you a youthful glow. In a six week clinical study of 34 participants, at the conclusion, they received statistically significant improvement in the clarity, brightness, texture, firmness and fine lines of their skin. In fact, over 90% of participants agreed that their skin was brighter, smoother and overall improved. Not only will your skin also be glowing, but your makeup will apply more smoothly and your other color and texture issues will fade. As Dr. Schultz likes to say "Don't lie about your age, let your skin do it for you."

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