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by Dr. Schultz

  • 100,000+ patient visits
  • 50,000+ in-office glycolic peels
  • 10+ years of patient trials

BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz evolved from the feedback of over 100,000 patient visits to Dr. Schultz's dermatology practice, the experience gained by performing over 49,000 in-office glycolic peels, and 10+ years of patient trials.

Meet Dr. Schultz

NEAL B. SCHULTZ M.D. is a leading, board-certified dermatologist who for the last 30 years has maintained a thriving medical practice, Park Avenue Skin Care, on the Upper East Side of New York City. He graduated from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and is a multiple recipient of the Top Doctors award in New York Magazine and New York Times. In his practice, he focuses on general and cosmetic dermatology, seeing over 10,000 patient visits per year. Much of Dr. Schultz's success can be attributed to his unique ability to interface with these patients on a personal level, first and foremost by listening, and then by engaging them with his knowledge and accessible advice focused on authentic solutions to their individual skin needs. Through his patients and his practice, Dr. Schultz made a dermatological breakthrough: It's Not Just About Wrinkles.

It's Not Just About Wrinkles

It's Not Just About Wrinkles. That's right. When it comes to describing what women don't like about their face, many say "wrinkles" - because it's the only thing they've been taught how to name. But did you know that wrinkles account for less than 5% of what you see on your face? Of course wrinkles are important, but it's the other 95% that has the biggest impact. This 95% of your skin is affected by color and texture issues, such as rough, dull skin, sunspots, and large pores. These imperfections are what contribute most to your older looking appearance - not your wrinkles! And the great news is while wrinkles are almost impossible to treat at home, BeautyRx effectively addresses the 95% as well as pesky fine lines.

Glycolic Like You've Never Seen Before

There are many ways to exfoliate, from physical methods such as harsh and unpredictable scrubs, to chemicals, such as professional glycolic formulations. Dr. Schultz prefers chemical exfoliants, and through over two decades of using several different types, from retinoids, to salicylic, benzoyl peroxide, and more, identified glycolic to be the gold standard. Through 10+ years of patient trials and 50,000+ in-office peels, Dr. Schultz has perfected ph-adjusted and buffered glycolic formulations for gentle yet amazingly effective results.

Start your glycolic exfoliating regimen with The Progressive Peel for gentle yet amazingly effective results.

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Comprehensive Collection

BeautyRx offers a comprehensive skincare collection built around his industry-leading glycolic exfoliants. With products for all skin types and needs, BeautyRx delivers an authentic, easy-to-use solution to skincare.

"In What Order to Apply Skincare Products," DermTV

Approachability & Accountability

Dr. Schultz believes in two principles: approachability and accountability. Not only does he share his knowledge directly with patients, but his passion for teaching extends beyond the walls of his office to reach people worldwide. In 2009, he launched the worlds first online skincare video show hosted by a dermatologist, DermTV. His show features more than 550 episodes, covering any and every skin topic, and has received more than 15 million views. He is also available through BeautyRx LIVE, an Internet-based, monthly, live video Q&A session that makes him regularly available to all BeautyRx customers.

If you're in New York, be sure to stop by his practice at 1130 Park Avenue to meet Dr. Schultz in person.

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