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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | How to Minimize Enlarged Pores: The Ultimate Guide

How to Minimize Enlarged Pores: The Ultimate Guide

We all want smooth, glowing skin, but sometimes (even if you're breakout-free!) enlarged pores can get in the way of your skin care goals. Enlarged pores often appear on the nose, so there is no hiding their presence on the center stage of your face. Instead of trying to conceal them with makeup, learn how those pesky enlarged pores develop and other ways to help reduce their appearance on your skin.

How do they form?

Enlarged pores are caused by excess oil and dead cells mixing together to form a clog in your pore. A pore is a small open hole surrounding a hair follicle that sits above an oil gland. The opening of these glands release oil into the open space of your pore. When the buildup of dead cells sitting on the surface of your skin mix with excess oil, a clogged pore is formed. But even when the pore is clogged, the oil gland does not stop producing oil which creates a backup of excess oil, which then enlarges the size of your pore.

How to I treat enlarged pores? 

While you can't make pores disappear altogether, there are ways to minimize them. “It is a combination of physical and chemical exfoliation,” said Dr. Schultz. Using exfoliants will remove dead surface skin and ultimately, prevent the mixing of dead cells and oil in an open pore. Try using a physical exfoliator at the end of your shower by massaging it into your skin for ten to fifteen seconds before rinsing it off. A granulated exfoliator should be gentle and applied on and around your nose.

Following your shower, you should then use a chemical exfoliant, such as the Dermstick for Pores, or any product with five to 10 percent glycolic or two percent salicylic. The combination of the physical and chemical exfoliant should be used every day, once a day. In two weeks, you will begin to see a reduction in the size of your pores.

Does makeup clog pores?

The simple answer is that some types of makeup do clog pores. Major bummer. Using makeup or skincare products that are oil-based, or comedogenic will most likely cause clogged pores. Rich, oil-based moisturizers will just add more excess oil to your skin. Try using oil-free, water-based primers and foundations instead.

With the help of the right exfoliants and straying from oil-based makeup, stressing about enlarged pores will soon be a thing of the past. Stick with it; consistency is key. 

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