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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Quick Fixes for Common Skin Issues

Quick Fixes for Common Skin Issues

Skin issues always seem to strike at the worst possible moments. You wake up on the morning of a big event and look in the mirror to find that your skin took a turn for the worse while you were sleeping. Dull skin, visible fine lines or uneven skin texture? Probably not the look you were going for. Ongoing treatment of these skin issues yields the best results, but, in a pinch, Dr. Schultz has three quick fixes for common skin woes.

Problem: Dull Skin

Quick Fix: Triple Vitamin C Serum

Ever look in the mirror and see tired, lifeless-looking skin staring back at you? BeautyRx’s Triple Vitamin C Serum is the ultimate fix for dull-looking skin, and a small dose of this product is all you need to achieve a healthier, more radiant glow. According to Dr. Schultz, Vitamin C maintains the texture, fullness, and integrity of your skin. In a consumer study, 100 percent of participants saw results immediately after application. The glowy benefits only get better with regular use — so stick with your daily dose of Vitamin C for everyday radiance.

Problem: Fine Lines

Quick Fix: Soothing Moisture Cream

Fine lines are always unwelcome guests, but especially so when you you notice them right before an event. Did you know that you can temporarily improve the appearance of fine lines? Using a moisturizer, like the BeautyRx Soothing Moisture Cream, helps to reduce fine lines over time — but applying it with a specific technique can provide immediate (albeit temporary) improvement. Dr. Schultz says, “Rubbing the area firmly for a few minutes with a cream or ointment causes a little inflammation — which causes a tiny bit of fluid to leak into the skin. This literally pushes out and  fills in the lost volume that caused the lines.” To achieve a lasting reduction in the appearance of fine lines, continue moisturizing daily.

Problem: Uneven Skin Texture + Poor Makeup Application

Quick Fix: The Peel Bar

What to do when your makeup products aren’t applying as well as they normally do? Exfoliate with a professional glycolic peel. Your skin is supposed to shed itself every 28 days, but — as in life — things don’t always go as planned. Dead skin cells can pile up on your skin, causing clogged pores and hiding your gorgeous, glowing skin. The Peel Bar delivers instant results to reveal your radiant skin. A professional glycolic peel from The Peel Bar “gives you brighter, smoother, healthier skin," says Dr. Schultz. "It even helps all of your other products work better and your makeup apply flawlessly.”

Not close to a Peel Bar location? You’re in luck — BeautyRx's Progressive Peel is Dr. Schultz's at-home glycolic exfoliation system, which he developed for those who didn't have access to his in-office peels. The results are not as immediate as with the Peel Bar, but you’ll see an improvement in your skin in just two weeks.

There you have it — Dr. Schultz's quick fixes for those everyday skin issues. But the best way to prevent these pesky skin issues from popping up in the future? Follow a skincare regimen designed to deliver gorgeous, glowing skin. (Need one? Start here.

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