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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | The Best Skin Care Routine

The Best Skin Care Routine

You might have all the right skincare products, but if you don’t know how to use them and when to apply them, they probably won’t do you any good. Most regimens take a few weeks to work, so it’s important to get in the right habits for healthier looking skin. If at first there are no immediate results from your new routine, don’t get discouraged. Keep going. Dr. Schultz says this is a situation where “patience is a virtue… it’s a process of evolution, not revolution.”

Try this daily trifecta. The best skin care routine consists of three essential products, starting off with sunscreen in the mornings, a gentle chemical exfoliant (like glycolic acid) in the evening, followed by your antioxidants. As long as you have these three skincare products in your routine, the rest can wait if you’re in a rush. 

Step 1: Don't forget the SPF

Sunscreen is the first product that should be applied to your face in the morning after you’re done cleansing.

Products that are water based, like lotions, hence the sunscreen, should always come first. Many skincare products have the sunscreen molecule in them, so using more than one at a time is fine, but the order in which they are applied during your routine is more important. Always stick to the lighter ones first: lotions, then creams, and then ointments.   

Step 2: Always Exfoliate 

It’s important to exfoliate your skin every night. Without exfoliation—the process that removes dead skin cells—too many dead skin cells can accumulate brown pigment leading to unattractive spots on your face. Exfoliation enhances the skin to look healthier and younger, brighter, and more even-toned. The best skin care routine starts with exfoliation so you can bring to light your natural glow.

Another helpful tip is to make sure you’re washing with warm water. Hot water over-dries the skin, and on the flip side, cold water doesn’t usually wash away dirt and debris. So, stick with something in the middle.

Step 3: Nighttime Cs before the Zs

If you need to wash your face at the end of the day, watch this video to make sure you’re getting the most out of your toners and cleansers.

After you exfoliate each evening, use an antioxidant, like Triple Vitamin C Serum. It can protects against the sun, renew the skin, and even the color. Although, their most important job is to absorb into cells to protect the skin. This means that if any energy that surpasses the sun radiates onto your face, then the topical antioxidants act as a neutralizer.

It’s important to only apply the antioxidants at night time though. Antioxidants work like sponges in the way they soak into the cells. If they are applied in the morning, their sponge-like characteristics will absorb the light into the skin, instead of the protections. So, they need to be applied when there is no light to destroy them.

These three steps are essential to creating the best skin care routine and achieving bright, beautiful, glowing skin. 

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