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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

Everyone wants younger looking skin. But what is it exactly that makes skin appear younger and brighter? Dr. Schultz says it all depends on the skin's smoothness; smooth surfaces reflect light, making your skin look radiant and glowing. 

Over time, mounds of dulling, clogging cells accumulate, causing your skin to look rough. Think about it like you're bouncing a ball. When you bounce a ball on a smooth surface, it bounces right back up. But if here's a cracks or pebbles in the sidewalk, it veers off in another direction. Light rays have the same effect. When skin is smooth, right reflects brightly and glows. 

So what's the best way to achieve smoother skin? 

"The most effective way to recapture smooth, glowing, younger looking skin after your 20s is with glycolic exfoliation," said Dr. Schultz. "Exfoliation in adults at any age makes your skin smoother so it looks brighter and therefore younger."

And there's a reason Dr. Schultz believes glycolic is the gold standard of exfoliation. It is gentle yet extremely effective, and allows for daily exfoliation, revealing the glowing skin everyone wants. To get started with glycolic, Dr. Schultz recommends starting with an 8% starter-strength glycolic exfoliant like the BeautyRx Essential 8% Exfoliating Serum Then, you can introduce higher strength glycolic exfoliating products, like the 10% BeautyRx Advanced 10% Exfoliating Pads. When introducing a higher strength, we also recommend that you alternate it with your starter strength product ever other night. After your skin has adjusted to the higher strength, you can even then move onto a 15% maximum strength glycolic exfoliant like the BeautyRx Maximum 15% Exfoliating Cream

Say hello to radiant, even-toned, younger and healthier looking skin. 


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