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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

"This is an issue that drives many of my patients crazy," says Dr. Schultz. "Enlarged pores are the antithesis of soft, gentle skin."

Those large pores are caused by swollen, engorged oil glands resulting from the sebaceous follicular canal being clogged, giving the skin's surface a thick, cobblestoned look-- much like the orange pictured above. The oil collects in the pores, and dirt from the air gets trapped in the oil, causing little black dots that people mistake for blackheads. 

Pores get bigger and bigger because of what's clogging them-- or as Dr. Schultz calls it, "pore sludge." 

 “The oil is going to expand the size of the gland, and then expand the size of the pore. If you want smaller pores, you’ve got to get rid of the sludge," he says. Most often, this happens on the nose, lower forehead, chin, and inner cheeks, where oil glands are most concentrated. 

Unfortunately, regular soap slides over the clogged pores and can't get in to emulsify and pull the oil and dirt out. Instead, Dr. Schultz recommends a more powerful solution: the Dermstick for Pores, a potent pore minimizer enhanced with BeautyRx's proprietary Pore Complex, a blend of Glycolic Acid, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Tea Tree Oil, and other powerful ingredients. Clinical tests show the Dermstick to dramatically reduce the appearance of pores in all users without irritation, so you'll be left with more even, smooth, glowing skin. 



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