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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | The End of Skin: Will You Eventually Run Out of Skin From Exfoliating?

The End of Skin: Will You Eventually Run Out of Skin From Exfoliating?

Skin Limit

When people ask this question, they usually ask because of the Hayflick Limit which states: "There's a limit to the number of times a fully differentiated human cell divides. And that limit is about 40 to 60 divisions or replications and applies to all human cell types that have been studied." From this theory, it may sound like you have a finite number of skin cells and exfoliation is depleting them faster than the natural process.

Skin Deep

Luckily, your skin is safe. The Hayflick Limit only applies to differentiated cells, which are cells in their actual, final, useful form. The Limit does not apply to stem cells, which are not fully differentiated and thus can continue making new cells for your entire life. Therefore, when you apply your exfoliant at night, you can rest assured knowing that your skin will still be there in the morning.

While you will never run out of skin from exfoliating, there is a possibility that the product will irritate your skin. This is why it is best to start with a starter-strength product, such as the Daily Exfoliating Therapy Serum, and slowly increase, over the period of a few months, the amount of glycolic in your products. Also, be sure that your products are pH-adjusted and buffered to reduce your chances of irritation.

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