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Your solution for smoother, younger-looking skin.

Beauty Rx About Tetrafoliant

Your solution for smoother, younger-looking skin.

That fresh, smooth skin you want to see in the mirror? You can get it at any age — but only with Dr. Neal Schultz’s proprietary Tetrafoliant, our next-generation exfoliating complex, available exclusively in BeautyRx products.

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Developed by Dr. Schultz through careful experimentation over 20 years of clinical studies and medical practice, our range of Tetrafoliant® products bring back the gorgeous, dewy skin of your youth.

  • • Minimizes fine lines
  • • Reduces large pores
  • • Smoothes dull, rough skin

“You look in the mirror and that tells you the story. You see a much more glowing, a functional, youthful complexion... Everywhere I go, people ask me, ‘Who’s your doctor? What products do you use?’”

— Dominique, patient of Dr. Schultz

Our one-of-a-kind Tetrafoliant formula is always gentle enough for everyday use, and strong enough to deliver results you can see. Results you can’t get with any other exfoliant.

BeautyRx Tetrafoliant Glycolic Acid Retinol / Retin A Salicylic Acid
Next generation exfoliant you can’t find anywhere else
Potent and consistent results without the prescription
No irritation
No downtime
No visible peeling
No sun sensitizing
Safe (and recommended) for nightly use
Brightens your skin’s tone
Delivers smoother texture
Decreases the appearance of fine lines
Reduces the appearance of large pores
Wide range of strengths (8% - 30%)
Award Winning
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65,874 In-Office Peels Prove
Tetrafoliant® Works Brilliantly

Dr. Schultz’s entire career has been dedicated to helping women bring out their natural beauty. Most of his patients come in complaining about wrinkles. Yet...

Wrinkles account for only 5% of age-related skin problems. Uneven tone and texture is what makes your skin look dull, tired and older than you feel. Tetrafoliant® brings a youthfulness back to your skin and improves your skin’s texture:

  • Removes dead cells that make your skin appear rough and tired
  • Builds up collagen to restore firmness and smoothness
  • Creates a “clean canvas” so all of your other products work better

Tetrafoliant® Evolved Through 20 Years of Clinical Testing

When Dr. Schultz first discovered glycolic acid, he knew he’d found a powerhouse active ingredient. For years, he tested glycolic against every other exfoliation agent. Glycolic was the winner every time — gentle and effective. But he thought it could do even more.

Dr. Schultz used glycolic as the base of his new exfoliating formula. Next, he took it a step further by manipulating the glycolic molecule. Then he adjusted the pH; he buffered it; he combined it with other powerful active ingredients that work synergistically.

This 20-year testing and improving process resulted in the proprietary blend we call Tetrafoliant® — the next-generation of exfoliation. Available exclusively in BeautyRx products in a range of strengths, Tetrafoliant® will solve your most pressing skin concerns and reveal the skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Daily use of Tetrafoliant® will help restore the glow you thought was lost. Gentle enough for daily use — powerful enough for immediate results. And only available from BeautyRx. Order your glow today!

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Peel & Glow Kit

Put our Park Avenue skin secret to work for you.

100% money back guarantee

This Peel & Glow kit helped tremendously. I have more even tone and smoother lines. Absolute game changer!

— Emily G, Kernersville, NC

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