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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | The Progressive Peel FAQ

The Progressive Peel FAQ

1. Can I use The Progressive Peel with my night cream as well as my other skincare products?

Yes. The Progressive Peel was developed specifically to fit into your existing skincare regimen, except it replaces any exfoliants (eg. retin-a, retinol) you currently use. It is recommended that you use The Progressive Peel nightly, after cleansing (and toning if you use a toner). After The Progressive Peel is absorbed, you can use any additional skincare products you wish.

2. What happens after I finish the full six weeks of The Progressive Peel?

The Progressive Peel is your starter-kit for high-strength, gentle yet effective glycolic exfoliation, at home. But we like to think about daily BeautyRx glycolic exfoliation as regular maintenance, just like brushing your teeth. So after you complete your Progressive Peel, to continue to achieve the radiant, more even-toned and younger looking skin you'll love, you should use The Progressive Peel Replenishment Kit. It contains the Advanced Exfoliating Pads and Maximum Exfoliating Cream, and you should continue to use them by alternating them nightly, just like you do in the final two weeks of The Progressive Peel.

3. Do you need to wash off The Progressive Peel after applying it?

No, it does not need to be washed off. It is formulated to be amazingly effective yet gentle enough to be left on overnight.

4. If I've used other exfoliants, can I skip to week three?

No. You should start The Progressive Peel from the beginning. This system has been formulated to specifically adapt your skin to BeautyRx glycolic for great results without irritation. As Dr. Schultz tells his patients, "patience" is key.

5. Is it normal for The Progressive Peel to cause a slight tingling sensation?

Yes, a slight tingling sensation that quickly subsides is normal. However, if you do not feel any tingling, your product is still working.

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Delia R.Marron:

I’d like to get started w/this Progressive Peel. What will I do? me.Thnx.

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