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BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz:

for skin that looks as young as you feel

Dr. Neal Schultz has distilled his entire lifetime’s work — an award-winning career’s worth of specialized dermatological knowledge — into a skincare line designed to defy aging.

We believe in science, not gimmicks.
That’s why BeautyRx evolved from 30+ years of clinical research and 180,000+ patient visits to refine and retexturize skin, improving everything from acne scars to troublesome long-term sun damage.

There comes a point in every woman’s life where finding potent, effective skin care becomes a priority.

You’re no longer willing to experiment with the latest fads. You know what you see in the mirror, and you want to put a stop to aging skin, right now.

You care deeply about how you look, and how you feel. You’re unwilling to settle for anything less than a proven solution you can rely on. But how do you choose?

Dr. Schultz painstakingly crafted and improved each formula. You literally get a lifetime of clinical expertise from the world’s foremost skin care expert — in a bottle.

For decades, people have traveled from around the world to Dr. Schultz’s Park Avenue dermatology practice. They’d receive their treatment, buy a supply of Dr. Schultz’s privately-branded products, and go on their youthful-looking way.

They all felt just a little smug — they had a skin care secret almost no one else could get. Until Dr. Schultz started experimenting more broadly.

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Skin Care that’s Dermatologist-Created, Time-Tested, and Proven Effective


years as a leading NYC dermatologist and recipient of multiple “Top Doctor” awards


patient visits at Dr. Schultz Park Avenue Skin Care Practice


in-office glycolic peels — zero irritation, no downtime

Unhappy with the efficacy of glycolics on the market, Dr. Schultz invented his own powerful, gentler version — Tetrafoliant.

He loved the healing properties of Vitamin C. Unable to find one stable enough to meet his standards, he invented his own Triple C Serum.

Dr. Schultz’s formulations worked brilliantly. They’re each based on ingredients he created, perfected and continually improves upon. He wanted to fill the gap in the market that relies on the “fad-of-the-day.” He wanted to provide women with skincare products based in science and proven by his patients.

Dr. Schultz achieved his goal: a skincare line women can trust and believe in. A skincare line that can virtually halt aging and give you visible results you’ll love.

By creating and trademarking key ingredients, Dr. Schultz can offer the best quality and consistency you’ll find anywhere. Some call it perfection. We call it youth-defying.

Based on 203,486 patient visits and 63,962 in-office glycolic peels, Dr. Schultz knows exactly what women want to see in the mirror, and he delivers it.

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Here’s a universal truth about skincare: What worked for you at 25 might not work at 35, or 45.

You need products that will reverse the damage already done to your skin, from aging, sun exposure, and acne scarring — and prevent the dreaded signs of aging: large pores, rough texture, and dull, discolored skin.

BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz is a collection of powerful formulas that take the guesswork out of getting your freshest texture and most even tone — giving you the best skin of your life at any age. Each stand-alone product is designed to work with every other product as well. You can easily customize a routine for your skin type.

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BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz reveals your skin’s best tone & texture

Every BeautyRx formula is carefully crafted, tested, and refined by Dr. Schultz himself, because when it comes to what you put on your skin, science matters.

The power is in the thoughtfully selected ingredients as well as the dermatologist-created and patient-proven combinations and proprietary blends you won’t find anywhere else.

Each and every one of the 40+ products in the BeautyRx line works on its own and together, so you can easily customize a skincare solution that’s ideal for your skin.

A solution that will rejuvenate your skin, uncover your youthful glow, and have your coworkers, friends and family asking, “Your skin is glowing. What did you do?”

From exfoliating peels to vitamin C serums, cleansers, moisturizers, toners, eye cream and more, BeautyRx is designed for women just like you — women who are serious about their skincare and want the best possible results for their skin.

Having conducted 203,486 patient visits and 63,478 in-office glycolic peels, Dr. Schultz knows what women want and expect to see in the mirror: results.

But products alone weren’t enough.

Dr. Schultz wanted to offer the public the same gorgeous, glowing skin that his patients had been walking around with for 35 years. And since that skin was the result of not only at-home products but also regular in-office glycolic peels, The Peel Bar was born. In 2016, BeautyRx launched The Peel Bar, delivering the same exact in-office, two-minute, no-downtime peel outside of the office.

Now, BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz, unlike any other professional brand, actually delivers the dermatologist solution — the exact one you’d get if you visited Dr. Schultz at his office — to you, the modern beauty consumer.

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Zero Gimmicks. Just Clean Science.






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