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The Importance of Knowing Your Skin Type

Skin type is one of the most important factors in choosing skincare products. In this video, Dr. Schultz explains why this is the case. Read more >

Sunscreen FAQ

Sunscreen is the most important preventative skincare product. Period. It protects you against the damaging rays of the sun – UVA and UVB – that cause sunburns, premature skin aging including dull, matte, tired looking skin, brown discolorations, broken capillaries, age spots, weather-beaten skin, wrinkles, and even worse. In fact, we like to say at BeautyRx that if you’re not into sunscreen, forget about all your anti-aging creams, lotions and... Read more >

Are At-Home Chemical Peels Dangerous?

When it comes to your skin, the word "peel" may harken back to the day you got too much sun and your skin started peeling from a sunburn. Definitely not a good thing, right? Right. That's because any visible peeling is a sign of actual skin damage. You never want to see your skin peel. But chemical peels - ones that are properly formulated to provide results without any visible... Read more >

The Order In Which to Apply Skincare Products

Do you know in which order to apply skincare products? Cleanser goes first, but then sunscreen or moisturizer? When should you apply your antioxidant or anti-aging serum? In this video, Dr. Schultz demonstrates how to determine in which order you should apply your skincare products. Read more >

Glycolic Versus Enzyme Face Peel: Which One Is Better?

There's a whole world of exfoliation out there, and it isn't just limited to scrubbing away at your skin. Instead, there are other exfoliants that can be applied to the skin to encourage cell turnover and removal of dead skin cells. Today's post focuses on two different chemical face peels: ones containing glycolic acid, and enzyme peels, which are sometimes called fruit or natural peels. Glycolic at a Glance Glycolic... Read more >

Selecting an At-Home Chemical Peel for Acne

The extra oil. The pimples. The enlarged pores. Acne can really do a number on your skin. Chemical peels can provide the non-abrasive exfoliation to get deep inside your pores to lessen acne symptoms and improve your appearance. Since there are several available at-home chemical peels for acne on the market, you have some considerations to make when it comes to determining the best for you. How Does Acne Clog... Read more >

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