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Age Spots on Skin

Age spots are specific types of brown spots, and not surprisingly, caused by age. Although not uncommon, these spots tend to make you appear older than you typically are, which makes them an unfavorable feature throughout the years. But rest assured, age spots on skin are incredibly natural, certainly harmless and especially easy to treat. Dr. Schultz will give you the inside scoop on exactly which are the best ways... Read more

How to Get Rid of Brown Spots

Brown spots develop over time on our face, hands, and chest. They're sometimes even called age spots because they tend to make you appear a lot older than you truly are. Luckily, you won't need to visit a dermatologist to get rid of them, as there are at-home regimens that can significantly lighten these spots. Using four different products — sunscreen, bleach cream, a vitamin C antioxidant and a chemical... Read more

How to Use Sunscreen On Your Face

Instead of telling you to stay out of the sun altogether, Dr. Schultz's rule of thumb is to make sure you're protected while in the sun. Not surprisingly, your top line of defense against damage from the sun is... sunscreen! But, surprisingly, the majority of sunscreen users apply it incorrectly. Many people believe that applying sunscreen once will protect them throughout the entire day, but this is a common misconception.... Read more

Using New Skin Care Products

We buy skin care products to either improve our skin or fix a problem. But sometimes there are unintended effects — like acne or rashes. Unfortunately you can't know how your skin will react to a new product until you use it. Luckily, there is a simple rule to follow to help prevent undesirable effects. Getting excited about starting new products as soon as you buy them is normal, however,... Read more

Skin Care Routine Order

We all want our skin care products to work as best as they can, but do you know how to most effectively apply them? The trick is to prepare your skin each time with a cleanser and a toner before applying your skin care products. Based on scientific evidence, you need to prepare your skin in the same exact way every time in order to get the most out of... Read more

How Often Should You Exfoliate

Dr. Schultz believes that daily exfoliation should be a component of any skincare regimen. However, the packaging on some exfoliators calls for use every other day. So how often should you exfoliate your skin? The answer is simple, and if you have been following Dr. Schultz for a while, you won't be surprised. You should exfoliate your skin every day. Daily exfoliation — when using the optimal strength — is... Read more

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