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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Rough Patch: How to Treat Dry Knees

Rough Patch: How to Treat Dry Knees

Dry Knees?

While the flakes on your knees may seem to indicate dry skin, that's probably not the case. When the skin is injured, it has two possible responses: it can darken or it can thicken. Your knees are subjected to many injuries, some as minor as kneeling on the ground. Thus, the skin on the knees thickens, which often develops dry flakes.

Exfoliate Away Flakes

Your intensive moisturizing probably hasn't helped cure these flakes. This is because it's not actually dry skin; it's thickened skin. The best way to treat this extra layer of skin is the same way you treat the extra dead cells on your face: exfoliate! Use an exfoliating lotion, such as the Daily Exfoliating Body Therapy Lotion, to dissolve away those flakes. Then you can apply your favorite body lotion over the top to keep your skin hydrated.

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