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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

To get beautiful, radiant skin, one of the main skin care methods you need to use is exfoliation. Exfoliation gets you to glowing by removing dead skin cells that have piled up over your (already beautiful) skin. So when you exfoliate, you’re unveiling the bright, clear, smooth skin hiding underneath.

And although you have the option to physically or chemically exfoliate, chemical exfoliation is definitely your best bet. Dr. Schultz explains, “Physical exfoliation works just like sandpaper by removing [dead skin cells] from the surface by rubbing. Chemical exfoliation works safely and effectively by gently dissolving the glue between the cells so that they fall off sooner.” Chemical exfoliation, like Dr. Schultz’s Progressive Peel, will certainly get you glowing faster, but the benefits don’t end there. Beyond revealing your smooth, beautiful, skin, there are a few surprising ways exfoliation helps your skin beyond the glow:

Exfoliation Enables All Your Other Products to Work Better

When you exfoliate, you're removing the dead skin cells that form clumps and mounds on your skin. Those mounds cause unevenness, dullness, and roughness, but once you get rid of that build up, your beautiful, smooth skin can shine through. And revealing that fresh, clean skin means that every other product you use will work even better because it can absorb more effectively into your skin. It doesn't stop there either — even your makeup will apply easier and you'll get what Dr. Schultz calls that "airbrushed" finish.

Exfoliation Can Optimize a Self-Tan

Want to optimize your self tan? Exfoliate! When you exfoliate before applying your self tanner, you’re creating a smooth canvas on which to work. By removing those dead skin cells that have accumulated, you are ensuring there are no dry or flaky patches that the tanner might cling to, thereby causing a blotchy application.

In addition to preventing a self tan gone wrong, what you may not know is that exfoliating can also fix a self tan that’s already a little too orange or blotchy. As mentioned above, self tanners work by staining dead skin cells, and sometimes they stick onto the patches of dead skin cells clumped in one area. But have no fear, Dr. Schultz says, “the extra darkening can be removed very easily with exfoliation. The exfoliation, which means taking off the dead cells, can be done either with a granular cleanser, or it can be done with gentle glycolic pads used on a regular basis. You can even come into a dermatologist office and have a lunchtime superficial glycolic peel. It doesn’t really make your skin peel, but all of these mechanisms will gradually remove that extra darkening and restore a more natural looking color.”

Exfoliation Can Treat Dark Spots From Acne

You may have successfully gotten rid of your acne, but now you have a dark spot to remind you of where your pimple used to be. Exfoliation can help treat those dark spots that acne left behind. Dr. Schultz prefers glycolic as a chemical exfoliant saying, “The reason you need the exfoliant is to take off the dead cells that are holding too much brown pigment that’s already been formed.” Less brown pigment means less dark spots!

There are so many amazing benefits to using an exfoliant every day. While you may be familiar with the basic benefits, now you’ve got a little more insight into just how powerful your at-home exfoliation routine really is for your skin.

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