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The Truth About Alcohol and Your Skin

That pounding headache, nausea, and overall awful-feeling isn't the only side effect of overdoing it on the vodka tonics. Your skin suffers, too. Have you ever noticed how puffy and sallow your skin looks after a night of heavy drinking? Alcohol dehydrates your body, and your skin, causing small blood vessels to dilate and widen, allowing more blood to flow close to the skin's surface. That's where puffy eyelids and... Read more >

Find the Best Skincare Routine for Your Skin Type

Patients often come to Dr. Schultz's office complaining that their skin is too oily and too dry, or too sensitive. They often misunderstand their skin type, not knowing the right products to effectively care for their skin. In fact, most people who think they have sensitive skin, actually don't. They're just choosing the wrong products.  Knowing if you have oily, dry, combination, sensitive, mature, or normal skin can help you... Read more >

Are Facials Good for Your Skin?

Facial Services A facial usually consists of a combination of steaming, extractions, masks, facial massage, exfoliation and other services. While many of these practices should not be any cause for alarm, there are two features you should be wary of because if done incorrectly they can cause problems with your skin: exfoliation and extractions. Exfoliation While Dr. Schultz recommends exfoliation for almost everyone, there are times that it should be... Read more >

Meet the Newest BeautyRx Products: Brightening Complex

Brightening Complex One of Dr. Schultz's most popular products, the Brightening Complex targets sunspots and hyperpigmenation without hydroquinone. Instead, this treatment product uses peptides for smart depigmentation. This means that the product will target the dark area without lightening the normal colored skin around the spot. The Brightening Complex also contains calming ingredients to help reveal radiant skin even more quickly. How to Use It The Brightening Complex works best... Read more >

Let's Talk Adult Acne

Adult acne can stretch into your 20's and even through your 40's, and a lot of women are dealing with it these days. I myself get a blemish or two every now and then, so I got to wondering, what are the causes? Dr. Schultz has identified three major causes of adult acne: Air Pollution It's everywhere. The kind in question are the little particles that come from soot, factories... Read more >

Facials at Home

Why not give the following steps a try next time you have 20 minutes to spare? Step 1: Cleanse Use a cleanser to set the foundation for your facial. One that's suited for your skin type (oily, combination or normal) will help wash away the debris and dead cells that've accumulated on the surface of your skin. Step 2: Skin Analysis Sure we're looking at our faces daily, but a... Read more >

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