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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Facials at Home

Facials at Home

Why not give the following steps a try next time you have 20 minutes to spare?

Step 1: Cleanse

Use a cleanser to set the foundation for your facial. One that's suited for your skin type (oily, combination or normal) will help wash away the debris and dead cells that've accumulated on the surface of your skin.

Step 2: Skin Analysis

Sure we're looking at our faces daily, but a weekly once over will help you keep tabs on any changes that might be happening (good or bad). So, take a closer look and take your time with this step.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Apply a physical or chemical exfoliant. In a spa, an aesthetician might use a stronger chemical peel during this process. Since we don't have access to these at home, try something like BeautyRx's glycolic exfoliating pads.

Step 4: Facial Mask

There are quite a few facial masks that you can get at your local drug or beauty store. Pick out one that suits your fancy and your skin type. Apply the mask and let it soak in for a bit (10-15 minutes). While you're waiting, give yourself a scalp massage.

Step 5: Antioxidant

Finish up with the application of an antioxidant, to help protect your skin against free radicals and the environmental elements.

And don't forget to give yourself some perks. Gently wipe away one product with a warm wet towel before applying the next one. Play some of your favorite music. Or light an aromatherapy candle (anything with a mixture of peppermint and lavender is right up my alley). Give yourself a break, and a treat. You deserve it.

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