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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

Facial Services

A facial usually consists of a combination of steaming, extractions, masks, facial massage, exfoliation and other services. While many of these practices should not be any cause for alarm, there are two features you should be wary of because if done incorrectly they can cause problems with your skin: exfoliation and extractions.


While Dr. Schultz recommends exfoliation for almost everyone, there are times that it should be avoided. If you have had your face waxed in the past three days, have cold sores, a sunburn or a facial rash, your esthetician should steer clear of exfoliating your face. And if you are eligible for exfoliation, it should never hurt. Tingling is ok, but if that pain is escalating, the product should be wiped off and your face washed with cold water.


A blemish should always be extracted with proper technique: by applying pressure from the bottom and the side of the blemish. Applying pressure to the top of the blemish obstructs the path of the contents and can cause the breakout to worsen and even eventually cause scarring. Even when the procedure is done right, however, there may be some discomfort during this process.

Ultimately, if performed correctly, facials are a relaxing way to benefit your skin.

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