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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Men: Masters of Exfoliation?

Men: Masters of Exfoliation?

Exfoliation, by definition, is the removal of dead cells from the surface of our skin. Although there are a few ways to exfoliate, shaving is one of those common, everyday practices that does just that (in addition to removing facial hair). Have you ever noticed that, as men age, they have better looking skin than women? I know, I know, it might be hard to admit.

Catching up with Daily Exfoliation

Now, I am certainly not suggesting that women begin shaving their faces. But, if you think about it, starting a daily exfoliation routine could really work some magic. Regular exfoliation evens your skin tone and texture, and restores a luster and brightness to your look. It also keeps your pores free and clear and can aid in the prevention of acne.

The good news is, you don't really need to use a physical exfoliant. In fact, for several reasons, chemical exfoliants work better. For one, they won't cause unwanted irritation that some physical exfoliants can produce. Second, chemical exfoliants come in several different strengths (8%, 10%, and 15% glycolic acid concentrations), so you can increase or reduce the power of your exfoliant based on your skin's needs.

Results that won't take a lifetime

Regular, daily exfoliation won't immediately rid you of dull, rough skin but you won't be waiting around for months to see the results either. Dr. Schultz has said that it takes about two to three weeks to start seeing the benefits of exfoliation. And to think, all it takes is a gentle dab of an exfoliant every evening and you can sleep your way to better, more beautiful skin. Who said anything about a razor?

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