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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | How to Prevent and Treat Sleep Wrinkles

How to Prevent and Treat Sleep Wrinkles

Have you ever looked in the mirror after a night's sleep to find deep lines across your face? Dr. Schultz says that it's not just your imagination. They're sleep wrinkles, which can make you look tired, and even older. Here's why you're getting them and how you can prevent lines in the future. 

Sleep lines occur when there's friction between your pillow and your face. To stop this from happening, first Dr. Schultz recommends sleeping on your back. For those who have trouble sleeping on their backs, there are specially shaped pillows, much like those you might find on an airplane. Or, another stickier solution: Put some tape on the area that typically wrinkles to stabilize the skin, so it doesn't bunch up on your pillow case. 

"You want to increase the slip factor of your skin on the pillow, instead of getting crunched up," Dr. Schultz said. There are two ways he recommends doing that: First, get a satin pillowcase, which slides more easily against your face. Second, use a moisturizer before you go to sleep to decrease friction. BeautyRx's Soothing Moisture Cream is deeply hydrating and soothing enough for even the most stressed skin. 

Still waking up to sleep wrinkles? Splash ice cold water on your face to contract the skin and make it more taut. Repeat until your face starts to feel uncomfortable, not numb. Second, put on a little pressure by putting your finger on the wrinkle and rolling it slightly back and forth. This will cause a little swelling to minimize the line. Use your favorite moisturizer while you're adding pressure to smooth the skin. 



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