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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Can Your Skin Get Used to Skincare Products?

Can Your Skin Get Used to Skincare Products?

Sometimes it’s an uphill battle finding a skincare product that’s perfect for your skin. So once you find one you really like, you probably don’t want to let it go. But is it possible for your skin to get used to your products and they stop working? 

Good news. No matter how long you’ve been using the same skincare regimen, there’s no need to change it, unless you want to!

Dr. Schultz said, “It’s very unusual for your skin to ‘get used to’ the beneficial effects of skincare products.” This is because the active ingredients in your products aren't going to change in any way that would make it stop giving you results. Unless your skin condition changes or the product is re-worked with different ingredients, you shouldn't see any drop off. 

But do keep in mind, as the seasons change, usually your skin does, too. For example, many experience dryness in the winter. In that case, you may need to switch your light moisturizer to a heavier one. And, while your skin won’t get used to the beneficial effects of skincare products, there's a chance it can get used to—and eventually accommodate to—some potentially irritating effects of products. This is why Dr. Schultz usually starts his patients on lower doses, allowing the skin to react to the new product, and then bumps the dosage up a notch. This gives the skin time to gradually adjust.

If you want to keep to your normal routine because it’s working, great! But, if you want to try new skin care products, Dr. Schultz suggests starting with a test first. “Choose an area off the center of your face in front of your ear and put a very small amount on, about the size of a nickel or a quarter. Do that for three to four days and make sure there is no irritation and no breakout in that area,” he said. The way the product reacts to the test will dictate how it would be on the rest of your face. The key is to start small and work your way up! 

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