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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

It's been exciting to share this time with them, learn what their babies look like at three, four, and seven months, discover that moms-to-be can't eat this and other factoids. The number one priority is taking the best care of yourself, and your baby, for nine months. So, I couldn't help but think - how does being pregnant affect your skincare routine? And, more importantly, do you need to change products?

I decided to check out what Dr. Schultz had to say on the subject as I have heard a few different things. The reality, according to the Manhattan NYC Dermatologist, is that most products are safe - which is great news!

The products to stay away from are those used for facial rejuvenation or to treat acne, especially those that contain retinoids. But most over-the-counter products, and those manufactured by established brands, should be good to go. Not sure about a product you are using? It wouldn't hurt to check with your doctor.

Skin is a pretty awesome organ. The "barrier" function of your skin is pretty effective in keeping unwanted stuff out and that certainly won't change when you're pregnant. Additionally, you are probably not slathering skincare products all over your body in mass quantities, so the concentrated doses you do apply to your face and your hands, for example, are unlikely to cause any systemic effects.

Whether it's an exotic body wash from Indonesia (yes, I have one) or if it's just your regular, over-the-counter cleanser, the products in your regimen can stay in the bathroom cabinet and keep your skin looking beautiful. How else would you get that pregnancy glow?

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