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The Big C

Remember the three products that are essential to a solid skincare regimen? Exfoliants, Antioxidants, and Sunscreen. Well, make sure you find a gentle facial cleanser to back these up. In order for any other skincare product to work at its full potential, you first need to remove any residual build-up on your skin's surface, whether it be dirt, debris, excess oil, make-up, or dead cells, and that's exactly what a good cleanser does. Because you should apply your sunscreen during the day, and exfoliating products and antioxidants at night, cleansing twice a day should become part of your regular routine.

More than just a clean slate

Aside from washing away all of that surface stuff that accumulates on your skin, the daily use of a cleanser (morning and night) helps you maintain that clear and radiant complexion of yours. Gentle cleansers, like BeautyRx Refreshing Facial Cleanser, leaves your skin so fresh and so clean... and soft... and smooth. And make no mistake about the word gentle, as it certainly doesn't mean that it's a passive aggressive agent. In fact, if a facial cleanser was strong enough to remove every last molecule of dirt, debris and dead cells, it'd be way too strong for your skin. The right cleanser won't disturb that protective, outer layer of your skin or cause unwanted irritation.

Cleanser at bat, Toner on deck

Due to the fact that most cleansers stay as gentle as baby shampoo, the use of a toner helps get the job done. Think of a toner as extra credit, it only further preps your skin for all of those wonderful products you'll be applying. Toners like the BeautyRx Clarifying Toner can even be used apart from a cleanser throughout the day to refresh your skin. Add a gentle cleanser and a facial toner and you've got a well-rounded skincare arsenal. So, now it's the power of five.

Have a skincare question that's racking your brain? Ask us. We'll take a stab at the answer.

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