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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | How Antioxidants Protect Your Skin

How Antioxidants Protect Your Skin

You’ve heard of antioxidants and you know they're good for you, but do you know exactly how these free radical fighters protect your skin? First of all, let’s define protection: protecting your skin means keeping it free from harmful environmental and internal aggressors that make it look tired and dull, and even cause meaningful damage. In other words, antioxidants are the key ingredient to your skin’s youthful look and healthiest glow. So let’s break down how antioxidants work and how to maximize their impact:

What Are Free Radicals and Where Do They Come From?

Dr. Schultz says, “All the cells in your body are subject to oxidative stress. That is one very fancy term for the fact that all of these cells have these high energy particles and they have a special name called “Free Radicals”. These high energy particles unpredictably discharge all of their energy and throw it at the cell’s DNA, at the elastic tissue, at the collagen, and cause damage.” Free radicals can come from pollution and, of course, one source of free radical that affects your skin the most is the UV rays emitted from the sun.

How Antioxidants Fight Free Radicals

Dr. Schultz says, “The purpose and role of antioxidants, especially topical antioxidants, is to absorb that bad energy before it can hit the DNA and the collagen; absorb it and protect the important parts of your skin and your body.” When free radicals slip through the cracks, antioxidants are the superheroes who help get rid of those “bad guys”. Sunscreen plays defense and helps block the UV rays the sun throws at your skin, but it doesn’t protect you from all of it. Some of the damaging ultraviolet light breaks through and can still cause damage. Antioxidants neutralize the damage done by sacrificing themselves to the free radicals in place of your skin cells. This helps repair your skin and protect you from wrinkles or discolorations from sun exposure.

Vitamin C is the Best Antioxidant

Dr. Schultz says vitamin C is the best antioxidant because of its “potential efficacy, stability, and bioavailability (i.e. ability to be absorbed into skin).” All of these factors make it significant to the overall effectiveness of improving your skin’s health. Dr. Schultz also mentions, “The two forms of vitamin C that I like the most are tetrahexadecyl ascorbate and methyl silanol ascorbate, both of which are fat or lipid soluble which increases their absorption into the skin.” It’s imperative to use products with the right type of antioxidants. BeautyRx’s Triple Vitamin C Serum is a stable product (never sticky or smelly) to make your skin smoother, brighter and softer. It also absorbs three times faster than other vitamin C serums! And here’s a tip from Dr. Schultz: the best time to apply vitamin C is at the end of the day. Antioxidants are best used at night right before you go to sleep, when nothing (i.e. UV rays) can interfere with their absorption and protection.

Free radicals are a part of everyday life, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a part of your skin. Antioxidants make up part of the powerhouse protection you need in order for your gorgeous and younger-looking skin to thrive. Feel good about using your vitamin C and trust that antioxidants will be fighting for your skin’s health, from the inside out.

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