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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | November Recap

November Recap

We kicked things off with a note about "who knows best" when it comes to skincare. Turns out (and this is no surprise) that you know your skin best, but when it comes to diagnosing skincare issues, you may want to turn to an expert.

Enlarged Pores, Dry and Sensitive Skin

Enlarged pores got a moment in the limelight, and so did the remedy: chemical and physical exfoliation. We talked how working out affects your skin, and dove a bit deeper into the topics of sensitive and dry skin.

Determining Your Skin Type

After you set your skin type (normal, oily or combination), we stressed that one must be patient for great skin.

Skin Care Best Practices, Mistakes and Myths

For those of us turning 30 we talked about your decade's best practices, and we got honest about our skin care mistakes. And what November would be complete without talking about food (and of course how it affects our skin)?

Stay tuned for more skincare knowledge, tips, tricks and secrets in December. It's our holiday gift to you!

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