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Nightly Skin Care Routine

Your nightly skin care routine is essential in keeping your skin healthy, and topical antioxidants are an extremely important ingredient to achieving beautiful skin. However, for topical antioxidants to work most effectively, you should only be applying them at nighttime. Dr. Schultz explains the ins-and-outs of why they don't work the best during the day, but to put it simply: antioxidants are meant to absorb the toxins that form inside... Read more

Best Ways to Exfoliate

One of the three most important skin care products to use each day is an exfoliant. However, there are two different types: physical and chemical. But is there really a difference between the two? The answer is yes, of course! Chemical exfoliants essentially dissolve the dead skin cells while physical exfoliants are more mechanical. Therefore, chemical products should mainly be used for sensitive skin, while physical exfoliants work best for... Read more

How Often Should You Reapply Sunscreen?

By now, you've heard us recommend reapplying sunscreen every two to three hours, or after swimming or sweating. However, what if you're at work and you have makeup on? Is it realistic to reapply sunscreen so often, and as a result, also have to reapply your makeup with the same frequency? It seems annoying and impractical to remove your makeup just to reapply sunscreen — and the good news is,... Read more

Best Face Exfoliation

Dr. Schultz is one of the biggest advocates for exfoliation, maintaining that exfoliation is the best therapeutic skin care treatment to gain healthier, more radiant and younger-looking skin. However, if not used correctly, you may end up causing your skin to become irritated or inflamed. Whether you are exfoliating to help remove brown pigmentation, prevent and treat acne breakouts, or any other skin problems, you have to remember one thing:... Read more

Brown Spots on Skin

Have you noticed small brown spots on the skin around your arms, face or chest? Unfortunately, brown spots are an aggravating condition that many of us live with. We can typically thank the sun for causing these unsightly discolorations of the skin. Sun damaged skin can bleed excess pigment into other cells, adjoining them to have too much extra brown pigment, thus resulting in these brown spots. However, there is... Read more

Retin A Uses

Exfoliants — like Retin-A — are an important part of any skincare regimen, whether for acne or general facial rejuvenation. However, not all exfoliants play well together. One of the more well-known culprits of not mixing well with others is Retin-A. More specifically, using Retin-A with other acids can easily cause this chemical to break or go inactive, which ultimately does not benefit your skin. Instead, consider switching up your... Read more

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