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How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Winter

With winter comes the inevitable dry skin and winter itch. Many patients dread the winter specifically because of this reason and want to know how to take care of their skin when the temperature drops. Preventing dry and itchy skin is not only possible, but fairly simple; it just involves switching up your daily skin care routine a bit. The trick is to try and preserve your natural skin oils,... Read more

Face Wrinkles

Most people who are unhappy with their skin cite their lines and wrinkles as the cause of their complexion's painpoints. But it's not all about wrinkles! Unfortunately, skin contours get the brunt of most skin complaints, but what most people don't know is that there are other issues that cause facial insecurities. To break down these influential components, Dr. Schultz explains your facial skin in three categories: colors, textures, and... Read more

Sunscreen in Make-up

Over the past several years, makeup with SPF has been appearing on store shelves. But does it really offer sun protection? Yes, and no. Makeup with SPF does, in fact, have sun protective properties, but what are the odds that you will apply foundation on top of your ears or shoulders or anywhere other than your face? It's not likely. Therefore, follow Dr. Schultz steps for getting the most out... Read more

Peptides in Skin Care

Peptides are one of the more important advances in skincare technology in recent years, but there's a lot of confusion as to what peptides are and how they work. Luckily, Dr. Schultz clears things up by explaining the crucial function of peptides in skin care and their purpose. Essentially, peptides are tiny proteins that communicate to different cells in order to help treat wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and brown spots. In layman's... Read more

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Getting acne is almost a rite of passage: nearly everyone has to deal with it at some point in their life. Whether you treat your acne or pick your pimples, after it heals, you may be left with brown spots, also known as post-acne hyperpigmentation. These marks provide an unwanted reminder of the blemishes you worked hard to get rid of. Fortunately, these particular acne scars are easy to remove;... Read more

Skin Types

Everybody has unique features, distinct personalities and different skin types. Yes — skin types. Although knowing your skin type is the first crucial step in creating an effective skincare regimen, not many people know theirs. Blindly constructing your skin care routine without knowing your skin type may not only fail to solve your skin problems, but might actually make them worse. After watching this episode with Dr. Schultz, you will... Read more

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