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Here at DermTV, we're often asked if you can exfoliate after you apply sunscreen, or any other product. Will the exfoliant dissolve your other treatment? In this episode of DermTV, Dr. Schultz explains how to avoid your exfoliant conflicting with your other products, as well as if it even does. Many people have the misconception that the chemical exfoliants they use at home work instantly and dissolve dead cells immediately. This makes them afraid to put another product on top of it, because they think it will just fall off with the dead cells. Fortunately, at home chemical exfoliants aren't as potent as professional strength exfoliants so it will take longer and work more slowly. This means you will be able to put on ingredients before or after your exfoliants, and won't affect them negatively. He'll also answer your questions on when is the best time to exfoliate throughout the day.



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