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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Here's what you missed...

Here's what you missed...

I thought that it might be worthwhile - especially for those of you who have recently tuned in - to recap some of the topics that have been covered since day one.


We started off with the ever important process of exfoliation. What exactly is it? What are the benefits? And how do we choose the right one?

We explained that there are three essential skincare products that you should be using everyday, sunscreen being one of them. Cleansers and moisturizers made a cameo. And how could we forget that it's not just about wrinkles?


With the change of the season approaching, we dove deeper into the details of skincare. We debated on how many skincare products were too many, and how we might best treat any summer skin damage. Men were deemed masters of exfoliation and who knew there was a skincare regimen just for 20-year-olds? We got technical with creams, lotions and gels while stress and mosquito bites made the short list of enemies of beautiful skin.


Dry hands, pregnancy safe skincare, and weird skincare products (like coffee grounds and olive oil) kicked off the month of October. Things got dark, in our discussion of post-acne brown spots and under-eye circles. Time was decidedly of the essence and, hmmm, do vitamin supplements really help our skin?

So what's next for BeautyRx? The possibilities are endless...

And, hey, ask us some questions while you're at it!

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