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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | How to Test a New Skincare Product

How to Test a New Skincare Product

How to Test

When you get a new product, it's hard not to jump right in as you anticipate all the skin-changing results. However, waiting a few nights to test the product is much more favorable than waking up to a face full of breakouts or even a rash. To test a product, choose a place away from the center of your face. Dr. Schultz usually suggests the area just in front of your ear. Apply the product to an area no larger than a quarter. Do this for three or four nights in a row; if you don't have any reaction, then you can proceed to using the product all over your face. While this isn't foolproof, it will give you a good idea whether the product will cause a reaction or not.

Consistency is Key

While it's good to test a product before using it, you shouldn't be testing too many. The best thing for your skin is consistency. Once you find products that don't irritate your skin and work well for it, you should be using it consistently to reap the full benefits. And if you don't see benefits right away, stick with it. Many skincare products take time to work, such as glycolic, but will give results worth the wait.

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