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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Why You Shouldn't Trim Your Cuticles

Why You Shouldn't Trim Your Cuticles

Push Back

Pushing back your cuticles has become a standard procedure at the nail salon, as many women believe it makes their nails look better. However, this is a mistake because your cuticle isn't just a dead piece of skin that needs to be removed. Instead, it creates a seal around the nails, preventing bacteria from getting into the area that the nail grows from.

Wide Open

If you remove your cuticles, you remove that seal and create an opportunity for bacteria, as well as yeast, to enter into your body. This can lead to an infection. The most common infection is called a paronychia, which is a yeast infection of the skin. A paronychia causes your finger to get red, swollen and sore. This type of infection can take months to go away without medical treatment. Keeping your cuticles intact is essential to preventing these types of infections. And if you have already cut your cuticles, not to worry, they will grow back.

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