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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | What is an Exfoliant?

What is an Exfoliant?

What better way to start off the BeautyRx Blog than with an introduction to Exfoliants! Exfoliation, according to renowned dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz, is the single, most important therapeutic treatment you can do for your skin. Sounds serious, right?

You bet.

By general definition, exfoliation is the process of shedding (material) from a surface. We remove stuff from our lives every day that we don't really need: stacks of already-read magazines, clothes from ten years ago, the dust-bunnies underneath the bed... you get the picture.

The good news is that your skin already does the same thing - which is absolutely brilliant (and convenient for that matter). Dead cells fall off allowing newer, younger cells to come to the surface. This process - aka exfoliation - keeps you looking fresh and healthy.

That's why it's so important.

Exfoliants Help You Effectively Remove Dead Cells

The bad news, which is not so bad, is that sometimes your skin needs help. Dead cells can be sticky and stubborn, and can cause build up on your skin's surface, creating rough patches and discoloration - especially as you age. This is where exfoliants come in.

Products, like the Exfoliating Cream, are especially designed to aid the process of exfoliation, giving your skin a little bit of superpower to get those newer cells to the surface.

What does this mean exactly? Well, exfoliation restores luster and brightness to your skin, and gives it a more even tone. Furthermore, if you don't exfoliate, those clumps of dead cells could turn precancerous.

Beyond staying beautiful, exfoliation keeps you and your skin healthy.

There are a Number of Exfoliating Products on the Market

There are a wide variety of exfoliants in the skincare marketplace, and they work from head to toe. However, the same exfoliants that you use to scrub away dead skill cells on your body wouldn't be the ones you use on those delicate facial cells of yours.

Furthermore, there are also different types of exfoliants, physical and chemical, both of which shed those unwanted layers.

There's a lot to know: when to exfoliate, what the best exfoliant for your skin might be, and so on. Good thing we'll be focusing on the e-word once a week. You'll be an expert in no time.

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