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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

The Cover-Up

Mattifying products take away the sheen of excess oil and give the skin a matte, balanced look. It might seem that the product is improving the health of your skin by ridding it of the excess oil, but unfortunately, that's not the case. Mattifying products contain lots of small particles that absorb the oil from the skin so that it appears matte. Therefore, these products are really only hiding the oil that your skin is producing, but not actually reducing how much oil you produce.

The Arsenal

Instead of relying on mattifying products to fix your problem, there are a few products that can actually help manage your oily skin. Using a skin type appropriate cleanser, such as the Balancing Cleanser, is essential to treating oily skin. A toner or astringent with alcohol may also help you cut down the oil on your face. Throughout the day, if you feel that you are getting shiny or oily, you can use blotting papers or a travel friendly cleansing product such as our Anytime Pads to cleanse your face while on the go.

So while mattifying products won't help reduce your oil production, they will help mask the look of oil throughout the day.

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