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Dr. Schultz's Tips & Tricks

Lightest First

When it comes to applying product, the order is dictated by the weight of the product. The products with the lightest weight vehicles, such as serums, should be applied first, as they are not able to penetrate heavier layers, such as creams, if reversed. And if you forget this rule of thumb, BeautyRx products make it effortless: each product features the Rx No. System (just apply your BeautyRx product in order from the lowest number to the highest) so there is never any confusion about what products goes where in your lineup.

Ready, Set, Apply

But now that you have all your products in order, how long should you wait between steps? There is no rule to this question; just wait to apply your next product until after the product before has set. You can tell that a product is set when it has dried and it is no longer tacky. If this process takes more than a few minutes, you are using too much product. In general with skincare products, follow the rule "less is more."

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