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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Tune in to BeautyRx Live

Tune in to BeautyRx Live

What are you doing today at 2pm? Well, you may want to clear you calendar because the one and only Dr. Schultz will be making a virtual appearance on the BeautyRx website. And he wants to chat with you.

Get answers from an expert

Dr. Schultz is the brain behind the BeautyRx brand and has been practicing dermatology in Manhattan for 30 years. In addition to treating over 10,000 patients at his private practice, Dr. Schultz provides real solutions for real skincare issues weekly on (it's where I get a lot of my inspiration!). He has authored several books, including It's Not Just About Wrinkles, which was the premise for a previous post. Remember Treating Your Face is Like Cleaning a Blouse?

Get Skincare solutions without leaving your chair (and, no it's not lazy...)

Dr. Schultz has been repeatedly elected to the "Best Doctor's List" by New York Magazine, but you don't need to make a trip to New York to take advantage of his insight. A few minutes before 2:00pm, sign on to the live chat and tune in! You can even add it to your calendar so you don't forget.

Whether you have a question or prefer to be a sponge (soaking up all of those great skincare tips) you can be sure that this will be a great way to garner more information on dermatology's best practices. And who doesn't want more of that? I certainly don't know it all.

Save the date

Say your question doesn't get answered (although we hope it will). Don't fret! Dr. Schultz will be back once a month to share his skincare wisdom. I'll recap today's session in a future post. Have a question that just can't wait? Ask us now.

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