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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Three Skincare Tips for Better Makeup Application

Three Skincare Tips for Better Makeup Application

Whatever your reason for applying makeup, we’d bet it hinges on looking and feeling better in your skin. Take your everyday foundation as an example — its purpose is to produce a smooth and radiant finish. But what happens when your makeup doesn’t deliver as expected? Why are there some days when — even with the best application techniques and the best makeup products — something just doesn’t look right?

The culprit behind underwhelming or inconsistent makeup application is often skin that’s not been properly prepped and cared for. The good news? A proper skincare routine can boost the quality of your makeup application. Here are three skincare tips that will help you achieve an everyday flawless makeup look.

1. Exfoliate Every Day.

Similar to how an artist would start on a new white canvas to create a smooth painting, anyone who applies makeup should begin with a clean surface for even foundation application. Dr. Schultz’s recommendation to ensure a clean surface on the face? Exfoliation, every single day.

As you age, your facial skin accumulates tiny piles of dead skin cells. These are the hidden factors that become revealed in the form of discoloration, large pores, or uneven patches on the skin when applying foundation. Making exfoliation a part of your regular skincare regimen will remove these distorting skin cells, giving you the even surface you need for that bright, radiant finish.

The best part? According to Dr. Schultz, regular exfoliation “makes your skin brighter, smoother, more even toned and glowing.” You may come to find that you don’t need as much makeup to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

2. Use Your Sunscreen As a Foundation Primer.

Another helpful tip for the best makeup application results: Make your sunscreen do double duty as a primer. Not only does the Solar Defense Sheer Sunscreen contain SPF 50 for instant protection, it creates an invisible, even base for your makeup. Dr. Schultz says, “Remember, during the winter, the damaging UVA rays of the sun are just as strong as they are during the summer.” Since you need sunscreen all year round, you might as well put it to work for your skin as a texture-boosting primer.

3. Cleanse Nightly with an Oil-Free Cleanser.

Enlarged pores, whiteheads, and blackheads are all skin issues that can ultimately worsen the appearance of your makeup. According to Dr. Schultz, these issues are often the result of using “comedogenic” (a fancy term for oil-based) products that clog your pores.

Cleansing in the evening with a “non-comedogenic” (i.e. oil-free) cleanser washes away dirt and dissolves excess oils that build up after a long day of wearing makeup. The Beauty Rx Balancing Cleanser is an option that effectively accomplishes both, but still retains your skin’s natural water and oil to prevent over-drying of the skin. Using an oil-free cleanser at night will help unclog and minimize your pores, providing a smooth surface for your makeup application in the morning.

If you follow these three skincare tips from Dr. Schultz, your morning makeup routine will be smoother than ever.

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