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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | The No Time At All Skincare Routine

The No Time At All Skincare Routine

When you finally decide to take your skin care into your own hands, it can feel like there are endless routines to choose from. You want to combat wrinkles, and you also want your skin to glow. You want to get rid of discoloration, and you also want your skin to be healthy from the inside out. With so many desired outcomes, does this mean you need an abundance of products and time to properly care for your skin? Absolutely not. Today, we’re breaking down a simple routine for the morning and evening to give you the beautiful skin you want, in no time at all.

A Quick Breakdown

If you truly have no time at all and you just need the quick breakdown, here's your daily routine:

3 Minutes in the Morning:

3 Minutes in the Evening:

Three Skincare Products for Your Morning

Believe it or not, adding a skincare routine to your morning won’t cause you set your alarm any earlier. You can decrease excess oil, remove pore-clogging dirt and debris, and protect your skin from UV rays in under three minutes. Using a cleanser first, followed by a toner, will give your face an all over clean to set the stage for your freshest skin. You may recognize the benefits of a cleanser, but a quick spritz and swipe of a toner after you cleanse removes any remaining dirt and oils off your face that your cleanser may have missed. You haven’t totally cleansed your face until you’ve used both, but once you’ve totally cleansed your face, all your other products can absorb into your skin and work better.

Your next and final morning product is your sunscreen. You want to apply this right after you cleanse and tone and before you put anything else on your face. Dr. Schultz explains, “Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing UV rays. In order to accomplish this, they must first be absorbed onto and into the skin so they can activate.” Once you apply your sunscreen, you’re all set. You can apply other skincare products (if you have the time!) or simply move onto your makeup. In fact, sunscreens like the Solar Defense SPF 50 are so lightweight that they work overtime as both sun protection and an incredible primer for makeup.

Two More Skincare Products for Your Evening

Once you wind down for the day and you’re getting ready for bed, you don’t want to spend tons of time in the bathroom. Your evening routine will again give you the glowing, youthful-looking skin you want and they take less than three minutes to apply. Again you’ll start with your cleanser and toner. Next, your final nighttime product will be a glycolic exfoliant. Using a chemical exfoliant helps remove what Dr. Schultz calls “pore sludge” from your clogged pores, it helps decrease fine lines and wrinkles, and it evens your skin tone to reveal fresh, glowing skin when you wake up in the morning. Glycolic is the gold standard of exfoliants because it’s both effective and non-irritating, meaning you can exfoliate with it daily. In just those three steps at night, you’ll see dramatic improvement in the tone and texture of your skin.  After you exfoliate, your final product is an antioxidant. Antioxidants protect your skin even further from free radicals like UV rays as well as helping to even your skin tone and remove any brown spots or discoloration. After you exfoliate at night, use an antioxidant with vitamin C for that extra glow.

If you take three minutes in the morning and three minutes in the evening to take proper care of your skin, you’re going to see an amazing difference in two weeks or less. As Dr. Schultz always says, “The best skincare routine is one that you commit to every day!” So starting with these few products and just a few minutes a day, you are well on your way to having youthful-looking, glowing skin you love.

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