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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Stop Doing These Three Things When You Get a Manicure

Stop Doing These Three Things When You Get a Manicure

Many people have a routine to refresh their skin and keep it looking young. The Progressive Peel is a one and done system that exfoliates and renews your face. But let’s not forget about another area that is just as important to protect — your hands. Since the skin on your hands is the first to show the signs of aging, protecting it is essential. You may think your weekly manicure is enough to keep your hands looking beautiful, but are you making sure they’re getting the healthiest treatment possible?

Certain manicuring methods that seem harmless, can actually cause bacterial infections, skin damage and dryness. Having both a beautiful and healthy manicure is possible, but you should consider cutting out these three habits at your next salon visit:

Pushing Back Your Cuticles

There is a major obsession with cutting cuticles. Everyone believes that cuticles are in the way, when in reality, they belong on your nails! Keeping your cuticles intact establishes the barrier between your skin and your nails, preventing germs from getting into your skin as your nails grow out. This means that cutting them, biting them and pushing them back, all result in your nails being exposed to bacteria and possible infections. You could end up with a paronychia, which Dr. Schultz describes as a yeast infection of the skin. He describes the infection as, “tender, it becomes red and swollen and it takes months to go away, although it will go away with treatment.” Your nails will still look just as fresh, without pushing back your cuticles!

Putting Your Hands Under UV Lights

Gel nails have become a common part of many people’s manicures. The gel polish lasts for weeks and creates an effortless way for your nail polish color to last. But what you may not pay attention to are the risk factors associated with the UV lamps used to cure the gel polish.These lamps emit UVA rays and Dr. Schultz warns that the effects of those rays include “premature aging of the skin and skin cancer.”

The best thing to do to keep your skin and nails as healthy as they can be, is to skip the gel for your next manicure. But if you just can’t resist the gel polish, make sure you cover up with a sunscreen like Dr. Schultz’s Solar Defense Sheer Sunscreen with SPF 50 for protection.

Getting Consistent Manicures

You probably want your nails looking good every day, no matter the time of year. No one likes the look of “naked” nails. However, gel manicures and regular polish actually dry out your skin and nails. Your nail beds weaken with gel removal because of the scrubbing tool used to remove the polish and the acetone remover dehydrates your nails and skin. In addition, keeping on regular polish for too long dries out your nails and can even create white spots — which is a physical way of showing you that your nails are dehydrated. Taking the occasional break from your manicures and rejuvenating your hands with a nourishing moisturizer can help bring back that soft, smooth skin you love.

Keep these tips in mind before planning your next salon visit, and take the extra steps toward getting your nails in great shape. You don’t have to sacrifice your manicure for your health, but with a little bit of knowledge, you can make your manicures even healthier.

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