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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Sleeping with Your Makeup On

Sleeping with Your Makeup On

Good News

It's easy to fall asleep before removing your makeup, or to just not be able to summon the energy to get to the sink. But you don't have to wake up the next morning and feel guilty when you see a done up face in the mirror. Luckily, makeup isn't going to do much harm to your skin when you're sleeping. The difference between wearing your makeup for 12 hours during the day and wearing it for the 8 hours you sleep at night (if you are lucky!) is small.

One Catch

A caveat is that when you sleep on your side, since your face rubs the pillow, it may grind your makeup into and clog your pores. However, if you sleep on your back, your face will be free from any rubbing that can cause these clogs. If you do sleep on your side, don't panic. You can keep a bottle of toner and some cotton pads next to your bed for those nights when the sink seems too far away. Or if you do get a few clogs, there is an easy way to treat them.

In the end, if you miss a night of cleansing here and there, just relax and enjoy the extra beauty sleep.

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