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Bigger Picture

Pores grow in size when they become clogged. Let me explain. As the oil from your face rises to the surface, it mixes with dead skin cells. (You have these dead skin cells all over your body.) If there are too many dead cells, your pore can become clogged. However, the oil is still rising to the surface, and since it has nowhere to go, it causes the pore to expand. As they get bigger, they become more visible. These pores are also easier to see because, since they are small openings, they cast shadows, which look like dark spots.

Quick Fix

Luckily, enlarged pores are not a permanent problem. To help keep the pores around your nose clear, you need to give them an exfoliating one-two punch. At the end of your shower, use a granular, physical exfoliant to gently unclog the pores. Opt for a product that contains small beads with even edges, rather than crushed fruit pits, which can actually cut your skin. Very gently, massage the physical exfoliant over the enlarged pores for about 10-15 seconds. When you get out of the shower apply a chemical exfoliant, such as a glycolic, to the area. Doing this once a day should yield results in about two weeks.

While enlarged pores may be very noticeable and seem like a fact of life, there is a treatment. As you can now see, with just an extra 15 seconds in the shower and an exfoliating boost afterwards, you can return your skin to a smooth and clear complexion.

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