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The oil-cleansing method is based on the theory "like dissolves like." People with acne have an excess of oil and therefore, oil-cleansing enthusiasts believe that cleansing an acne-prone face with oil will help dissolve the excess oil better than a traditional cleanser. People experiment with all types of oil ranging from olive and jojoba to grapeseed and sunflower oil. Oil is applied to a damp face, massaged in for a few minutes and then wiped away with a hot washcloth.

Why Not To

The final step is the downfall of the oil cleansing method. The only way to effectively remove the oil is with chemical emulsification, such as using a cleanser. Therefore, the oil cleansing method only leaves more oil on your skin, which can cause further breakouts. Also, many people believe that stripping your face of oil will only create more oil, so adding some oil will help balance out your water and oil levels. This idea is called "reactive seborrhea." Unfortunately, this is not true; the only thing that dictates the amount of oil on your face is male hormones (which both women and men have, alike).

If you have oily, acne-prone skin, the best option is to treat your face with products (including cosmetics) that are skintype appropriate: oil-free and/or labeled as non-comedogenic.

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