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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Oh, those dark circles...

Oh, those dark circles...

I also had my skincare essentials for the road: a cleanser, exfoliant, and a moisturizer with sunscreen.

Excess Baggage

On the way home I wasn't so lucky. I opted for the red eye back to New York, so I would arrive in the early morning and avoid losing another day to travel but, boy, did my skin suffer. I'm speaking specifically to the "baggage" under my eyes.

Lucky Number Seven

So let's talk about the infamous under eye circles. While they are easy to get, they're not so easy to treat. Did you know dark circles can be caused by any combination of seven different issues? I certainly didn't. There are two types of browning, three types of enlarged blood vessels (purple, blue and pink), and two types of shadows (from fine wrinkling and the bulge of fat on the lower lid as we age).

Ask an Expert

While I'd like to say that everything has a simple solution - it isn't always so easy. There are probably more products out there that claim to help eliminate dark circles than there are in the Crayola crayon library. Instead of getting frustrated, see your NYC dermatologist. They might see something you don't, and can help you chose a product or a course of treatment that will target the issues that are affecting those lower lids of yours.

Just so I don't leave you empty handed...

Here's one of Dr. Schultz's quick fix for fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes. Take a little Vaseline and rub the area below your eye and right next to your eye for about five minutes. Your skin will likely turn red and a bit of swelling might occur but, this is good! The swelling will actually ease the appearance of lines and winkles around your eyes for a good two to three hours.

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