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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Layer It On: Using Multiple Skincare Products

Layer It On: Using Multiple Skincare Products

Pile It On

There is no numerical limit of products that can be used at one time. The limit is, instead, a personal limit that is based on how many layers that you can apply before the products feel heavy on your skin, or your skin simply cannot absorb all the product.

Personal Limit

When it comes to active ingredients, the same limit applies. There are many formulations of products that contain multiple active ingredients to work synergistically so combining too many is not a concern. However, the vehicles, such as the cream or lotion, can add up, eventually leading to the actives not being completely absorbed into your skin.

Ingredient Limit

While most ingredients can work with one another, there are several that don't, so making sure that one ingredient won't inactivate another is important. In addition, applying to much of a category of product can be too harsh for your skin (for example, applying a retinoid and then immediately afterwards a glycolic).

So, how many products you use is up to how many feel comfortable on your skin that you won't think will conflict. But, to save time, money and hassle, look into investing in combination products to ensure you are getting the skincare benefits without having to layer. An example would be a hydrating glycolic, such as the Daily Exfoliating Therapy Cream, to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time.

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