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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Is Your Waterproof Sunscreen Really Waterproof?

Is Your Waterproof Sunscreen Really Waterproof?


The FDA has outlined new requirements for sunscreen manufacturers when it comes to "waterproof" sunscreen. Actually, they've made it quite easy. Just as Dr. Schultz has been espousing on DermTV, no sunscreen is actually waterproof and none can be labeled as such. Thus, no sunscreen can last all day long. Sunscreen now, however, can be labeled as "water resistant." There are two subcategories of these sunscreens: those that are water resistant for 40 minutes and those that are water resistant for 80.

Why You Still Need to Reapply

While water resistant sunscreens may sound more convenient, you know how the saying goes: if something is too good to be true... When the FDA tests the sunscreen, other factors are not taken into account, such as splashing and swimming in water or wiping off with a towel after getting out of the pool. There is no real way to know how much of your sunscreen remains and how effective it is after getting out of the pool, so the best thing to do is reapply.

To ensure that your skin is adequately protected this Labor Day weekend, lather up every 2-3 hours and after swimming, no matter what type of sunscreen you are using.

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