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Is it safe?

Benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient that many dermatologists depend on to help solve their patients' acne issues. So it's no surprise that there are dozens of over the counter products that feature this ingredient. The FDA, however, is not as enamored with Benzoyl peroxide. After many years of debate, benzoyl peroxide has been placed on the "GRASE" list, which stands for "generally recognized as safe and effective." While this may sound like a lack of confidence in the ingredient, there is no need for concern as long as you know there are a few small side effects.

Side Effects

The regular use of benzoyl peroxide can cause your skin to be sensitive to the sun. However, you should be wearing your sunscreen everyday, but be sure to be extra diligent about your sunscreen application if you are using benzoyl peroxide. The other common side effect is bleaching. Because benzoyl peroxide is a peroxide, it can bleach your hair or even your pillowcases and towels. In the end, however, the benefits outweigh the side effects and dermatologists will continue to use this effective acne treatment.

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