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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | 4 Exfoliating Products for Busy People

4 Exfoliating Products for Busy People

You'd like to devote more time to your skincare routine, but where you'll find that time is another story. If this statement sounds familiar, you need a beauty routine that's as streamlined as possible, yet effective enough to help you maintain great skin.

Exfoliation doesn't have to take an excessive amount of time -- no more than 15 seconds a day, and it is a vital step to your skincare routine. Before you picture yourself scrubbing the day away, consider chemical exfoliation as an alternative option. Chemical exfoliation is a time-saving alternative to physical exfoliation because you simply apply a product and allow it to penetrate your skin. The product does a lot of the work for you.

BeautyRx products incorporate glycolic acid, a form of alpha hydroxy acid, which is considered the gold standard in chemical exfoliation. Glycolic acids have the smallest molecules, yet the largest therapeutic range, so you can adjust your exfoliation's strength to gradually increase your results.

When you're short on time, try one or more of these four fast-working and quick-to-apply exfoliating products.

The Progressive Peel

Saving you trips to your dermatologist's office, The Progressive Peel provides fast, effective daily exfoliation in the form of an at home glycolic peel. This kit contains three products designed to gradually and progressively introduce your skin to the benefits of chemical exfoliation with glycolic acid. After cleansing and applying toner to your face at night, apply the corresponding week's step, whether it's the serum, pads, or cream.

You don't have to wash off the product after using it, so it's a simple swipe-and-go application. You can even apply all of your other products afterwards. While you sleep, the glycolic acid will do its part in exfoliating your skin. Those who use these exfoliating products have experienced results that include reduction in pore size, fewer breakouts, smoother skin, firmer skin, and enhanced skin brightness.

BeautyRx Exercise Kit

You're heading into your pulse-pounding workout, but a stop in to cleanse your face is not on your list. But it should be because the BeautyRx Exercise Kit is an exfoliating product that contains a two-step system that refreshes and exfoliates your skin, preventing dirt, oils, and makeup from combining with your sweat and causing breakouts and clogs.

First, simply swipe on an Anytime Pad, which helps to remove extra oil and dirt you may have accumulated during the day. Second, use your Clear Pads, which have glycolic acid, to begin the exfoliation process. If you've never left the gym with better-looking skin than when you went in, this is the product for you.

Gentle Exfoliating Eye Therapy Cream

While the skin under your eyes may be delicate, it's still subject to dullness and loss of firmness due to slowing cell turnover. An effective, yet gentle glycolic acid undereye product like the Gentle Exfoliating Eye Therapy Cream can help. This product is uniquely buffered so that when you apply it to your undereye area, it promotes cell turnover without irritating your undereye area.

Use this product daily in the morning and evening after cleansing in conjunction with your traditional undereye cream. The product is easy to apply and its exfoliating benefits include firmer skin, fewer fine lines, and the reduced appearance of dark under-eye circles.

Dermstick for Pores

If you have visible pores and little time, the Dermstick for Pores is for you. This easy-to-use treatment delivers exfoliating glycolic acid to areas where you've identified visible pores. Examples may include your nose, chin, or cheek areas. A few clicks of the Dermstick allow the product's Pore Complex to flow so you can quickly apply to problem areas at bedtime. Allow the glycolic acid, tea tree oil, and proprietary ingredients to work overnight. In a clinical study, 100 percent of participants reported the product decreased the appearance of their pores. Just remember that with this product, like all exfoliants, less is more.

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