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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Essential Skincare for your 30s

Essential Skincare for your 30s

Regardless of your age, you should be using the skincare essentials: exfoliating products, antioxidants, and sunscreen. However, as we age our main skincare concerns change. The issue that was most important in your teens and twenties, the treatment and prevention of acne, has evolved into the ongoing prevention of premature photo-aging and treatment of emerging lines and wrinkles.

Prevent Premature Skin-Aging

Preventing photo-aging remains easy. Use sunscreen every day, in the morning, rain or shine. And every night, use a topical antioxidant serum. This super-combo keeps your skin safe from the sun's harmful rays and free radicals, which are the culprits behind lines and wrinkles.

Add Exfoliation To Your Routine

In your 30's, the ever-important element of exfoliation becomes more about emerging color and texture issues. Chemical exfoliants can remove accumulating dead cells that leave skin dull, blotchy and tired looking. Exfoliating Products, along with topical bleaches, can also reduce any hormonal blotches. The result is a more lustrous skin tone and an even, smooth texture.

It's Not Just About Wrinkles

Yes, yes... Botox and fillers can help with lines and wrinkles that those of us in our thirties might start seeing (or those that might be on the way). But let's remind ourselves that it's not just about wrinkles. Sunscreen, exfoliants and antioxidants can do quite a bit when it comes to maintaining a beautiful, bright complexion.

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