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Ask Dr. Schultz | Skin Care Guides | Do You Need to Moisturize?

Do You Need to Moisturize?


You may be surprised to know that a moisturizer is not a mandatory product. Unlike a cleanser, not everyone's skin is in need of one. A moisturizer is used to fix a specific problem: dryness. If your skin feels tight or it's flaky, then you should use a moisturizer. But, if you don't have dry skin, then there is no need to add additional moisture. So use it if you need it.

Winter Weather

That being said, the change in weather may be one of the most common times to add a moisturizer into your routine. If most of the year you find yourself not needing a moisturizer, but the second that winter hits your skin begins to dry out, then consider using one just during that dry season. On the same seasonal note, if you do use a moisturizer, but upon a season change you find it to not be hydrating, it may be time to switch to heavier product. Try our Nourishing Moisture Cream, which will help your skin transition into winter.

Extra Credit

Bonus time! While a moisturizer is an "as needed" product, it does have one more benefit: by adding moisture to your skin, it very slightly, temporarily plumps it up. So if you'd like to minimize the appearance of fine lines, a moisturizer might be just what your skin needs.

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